You must have seen many people being on the spiritual path. You must be one of them as well. Different people have different spiritual masters, mystics, or gurus that they follow. But a question comes into many people’s minds today.

They ask “is a guru really needed?” “Can’t you do the same things without a guru?” “What if people don’t have a guru?” if you have these questions, read ahead.

The Need 

In life, we do many things. There are various ups and downs, successes and failures, and difficult and easy situations that we face. The thing is, for most people, their life is a repetition. Whenever something pleasant happens, they become filled with joy. When something bad happens, they become sad, and the cycle repeats itself.

They are not conscious enough to know that all their lives, they have been repeating themselves, reacting the same way to a specific set of situations, and even making the same mistakes. A guru, helps you become conscious of your life and take charge.

He helps you rise above the repetitive and compulsive behavior of your life and focus on more important things. As Sadhguru says, “a guru is not someone that holds a torch for you. He is the torch.” He illuminates the path for you and helps you see life clearly for what it is.

Being Without a Guru

Well, discovering a guru is a real fortune. Not everyone is this lucky. But can’t you live life without a guru? Of course, you can, but not with the same intensity. Why? Because a guru knows life truly for what it is. He has experienced life fully. Hence, he can guide you about what and what not to do.

Not only for a specific task or job at hand, but he can also give you a roadmap for your entire life to helping you live in a better and larger way. Otherwise, people keep making the same mistakes that their ancestors and peers made, and slowly gather experience and learn.

We need to understand that we don’t have enough time to make all the mistakes that people have made and learn things on our own. It is better to learn from other’s mistakes. And it is always best to be with an experienced person, especially in the case of something as important and colossal as life itself.

Why Seek?

Suppose you go to a new place and want to find something, you will have to explore all of it. It will take a lot of time for you to visit all the places, ask people, and hunt for the desired thing. But if there is an experienced person who knows the way, he’ll easily show it to you and save your time and energy.

Otherwise, you will wander all over the place in search of what lies next door. Hence, a guru plays a vital role in your life. How can you find one? Just experiment. There are many yoga centers and living masters you might have heard of. 

In today’s times, we have a lot of resources such as video and audio discourses, online talks, books, and whatnot. Just try them and see which one resonates with you. If your desire to take charge of your life is strong enough, you won’t find a guru. He will lead you towards him.

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