What is Trataka , its benefits and methods.

trataka- The Spiritual India

Trataka is looking or gazing at a object, picture or point without winking your eyes as long as you can. This exercises increases concentration and focus power . This method maintain a balance of the mind and minimize distractions in the mind. Mind is like a mischievous monkey, it wanders here and there with a great speed. It never stops. To maintain the focus of the mind, its menace activity needs to be minimized and this can be achieved by doing Trataka.

Methods/ how to practice

Method 1: Keep the picture of your Guru, God you believe in -in front of yourself. Gaze at it countinously without twinkling until tears comes down to your cheeks . Then stop, close your eyes and visualize the same picture . You can repeat it a few times as per your comfort.

Method 2 : Gaze on a black dot on the wall or Get a white paper with a Thick black dot in the center of paper and paste it on the wall and gaze at it for some time.

Method 3 : Gaze at any star in the sky at night. Repeat the same process as mentioned in point no. 1. Look at it continuously, then stop, then repeat it a few times as per your comfort. It will show different colors of light in it.

Start it for a minute and then increase the time gradually. It should be practise while sitting with cross legs on the floor . Make sure to sit on a clean blanket or Silk/wool sheet underneath. Your mind should not be wandering at that time, it should be on the place you are focusing on. As you will gain the perfection in Trataka , the object of the focus on which you look at will disappear and you will attain higher states of meditation.

Benefits of Trataka

Trataka improves Eyesight. Those who have week eyesight will get benefitted from this. You will throw away your eye glasses.

Will power is developed by doing Trataka exercise. Mind menace will stop.

Clarity, understanding, intellect is developed . Memorizing power gets increases.

Psychic powers , thought reading power are obtained.

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