what is motivation?

When we think about motivation , first thing that comes into mind is what is motivation?

Motivation- A Driving Force

Motivation is an internal force that can drive you towards achieving your goals endlessly. The secret of success and the source of your strength is in you and your motivation is the solution. We all have dream of achieving so many things in life but we don’t really work upon them with dedication and commitment. It’s not easy to achieve goals, but it’s neither impossible. It completely depends on the extent of motivation that you have.

Motivation is not something that will come by itself. You need to build this motivation and you need to find a reason to keep yourself motivated in life. This reason should be relevant enough for your long-term life and goals. So many of us start studying for a particular exam just because we are going to be rewarded with something by parents but we don’t really Look upon the bigger picture that we should in reality do.

Types of Motivation

Motivation can be differentiated into two types, one is intrinsic motivation and the other is extrinsic motivation. Until you can find motivation internally, you will not be able to perform to the best of your abilities. Not everyone these days is motivated to do the work and especially the pandemic has turned us into a very lazy person as well as a person who keeps on procrastinating. Here are some ways that will help you to keep yourself motivated in life!

Motivation And Success

It’s so useless to talk about being successful in life without finding a reason to be successful. An answer to your “Why Do I Need To Be Successful” is important because this answer will keep your spirits up all your life. We can take the example of people who belong to poor families and they come out and shine so bright.

We see that they have one huge reason and that is to come out of this poverty! Your reason can be anything but it should be achievable as well as relevant.

Understand Your Goals , Keep Motivated and Be a Success

There is no point running aimlessly behind a lot of goals. To set your particular goal you need to find a goal of your interest and something that keeps you happy throughout your life. Your goals should be realistic enough and the most important thing is that these goals should be your own and they shall not be forced upon you by your friends, family, or society. You cannot push yourself for a longer time if you genuinely are not connected to that goal.

To keep yourself motivated, you should have an action plan so that it gives you a direction in life to understand your progress. 

Keep Appreciating Yourself To Keep Yourself Motivated

It is very important to appreciate yourself for all the progress that you make in life. If people around you don’t appreciate you, you must positively reinforce yourself to do better in life and most importantly keep yourself motivated to work more hard in life. Every step towards achieving your goals matters and each step should be appreciated! 

Your social network plays a crucial role in helping you achieve your goals and you should try to surround yourself with supportive friends and family so that they can encourage you and help you and your obstacles in your life.

The future perspective is Important For Motivation

We feel very apprehensive about our future but to keep self-motivated we need to keep manifesting the good part of our future which is only possible if we achieve that particular goal. This will help us in leveling up ourselves and improving ourselves to an extent that we keep striving to see the beneficial results of working hard.

Motivation can help you achieve great heights in life but to achieve big in life you need to keep sacrificing a few small things in life. Sometimes it is okay to work an hour extra or sleep an hour less because, in the end, every sacrifice will turn into a blessing.

Say No to Bad Habits To Keep Up The Motivation !

The habits that we adopt in life impact us in the future. When we develop a habit of procrastinating or in simple terms putting away important tasks and delaying things unnecessarily can lower down our motivation. We start feeling comfortable in our comfortable bubble and it’s also the beginning of making unwanted excuses. When the goal is not achieved, nobody will ask you for excuses.

Motivation comes with saying No to such habits and only then you will be able to reach heights.

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