What Is brahmacharya-Part 1


What Is Brahmacharya?

Man is under a great illusion nowadays. There is a great illusion when he is in front of a women. Go anywhere from New York to Delhi to Amsterdam, there are two things at their peak one is Sex and Another is Ego. Seventy percent (70%) of the internet traffic is on the Vulgar content and pornography available on the internet. Sex is the Center of all desires.

God made the sex to keep up the universe. People are misusing it to an extent that is not imaginable. They have become a slave of passion. So are the women. World has become nothing but Sex. The peoples mind are always occupied with sexual thoughts always. Everything from Dressing to Food, to Makeup and to Attitude has become nothing but a manifestation of sexual cravings. This is very miserable and decay and degeneration of the Youth – Young men and women of the country. Righteousness has been lost and man has become a slave of the Lust

As a result, Crime, Rapes, Murder, Robbery are increasing day by day. Behind the scene of all these serious crimes is only one element which is Lust. Your body is made up of semen, you are a result of the Man’s semen. It is in every cell of your body. Wasting it means vanishing your life. Preserving means gathering more power and saving your life and preventing the decay of your mind and body.

Brahmacharya in simple terms means preservation of your semen and maintaining the good thoughts in your mind. Although there are other aspects of Brahmacharya, but primarily these two should be followed. Brahmacharya is the need of the hour. There are various methods (like yoga) of following and keeping up the Brahmacharya. I will discuss this in my next post here(Part 2). So primarily Brahmacharya is the process of maintaining and preserving your semen and using it for higher purposes to achieve heights in Material and spiritual world.It is not only meant for Monks, it is for everyone. In Hindu mythology, it is clearly explained that first pahse of human life is Brahmacharya. But nowadays even childrens have sexual cravings . I have seen very young childrens of 5-10 years of age who have started wasting their energy in Lustful thoughts unknowingly . Which is very wrong, it is the fault of the society and their surroundings. Brahmacharya should be strictly observed till the age of 18-20 years at least. Only then a child will be completely developed physically and mentally and will be able to manifest completely at its best.

Many sages and saints in the past have achieved unremarkable physical , mental and spiritual strength at times. They have even achieved supernatural powers (siddhis) by merely following Brahmacharya for their whole life. It is basis of the existence. Hanuman was the Bal Brahmchari . Bhisma was a great brahmchari. You can also become a great being and illuminate at your best by Sublimating the energy preserved for higher purposes.

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