The Value Of Semen


My Dear Friends!

Semen is the Vital Energy . It Supports your life. It radiates through your sparkling eyes, it is the shine in your body, it is the Muscular Power in your body. It is the most important element for your body that helps you grow spiritually and materially . It is the most purest form of the fuel that gets generated in the body. Out of forty drops of blood, one drop of semen gets manufactured. Just as a tree grows from a small seed, so as the human grows out of the semen. Just as the fragrance is in the flower, taste in the fruit, shining colors in the trees and plants , so as the semen in the human body. It gives vitality to the body. It gives strength and beauty to the body. It gives sweetness to your voice. It brings the charm in your cheeks and glory in your eyes.

Semen Formation and Benefits

As per the Ayurveda, it is the last element that is formed in the body after eating food. Food gets converted into Chyle, From chyle blood gets manufactured. From blood flesh gets manufactured. From flesh Fat gets produced. From Fat , bones gets manufactured. From Bone comes the Bone marrow. From bone’s marrow Semen gets formed . You can imagine how precious it is. It is the main reason behind the Physical and Mental development of the child. Intellect comes from semen. Either it can not be figured out by modern science, but according to the Sages , Saints and Legendary books of ancient times, their is direct relation between the Intellect , Physical Culture and development, mental development as well as spiritual development of any being. Semen nourishes the mind and physical body. Male Testes does the collection of the Semen, and that is where Muladhara Chakra Resides.

Semen is in sleeping state and resides in every cell of the body. Just as butter is in the milk, it is everywhere in a glass of milk, so as the semen is present in every cell of the body. It must be preserved. It can not be preserved in an ordinary way, as the surroundings nowadays have become so Turbulent, it is has become very difficult for a human being to preserve it. Vulgarity, Impure food, Cinema, Television, erotic posters etc. are all the reasons behind it. It can only be controlled and preserved by doing some traditional and old Meditation practices, Yoga practices, keeping your mental hygiene and keeping your will power strong.

Wasting semen means inviting death

Wasting semen means inviting death , and saving semen means Increasing life ,vitality , strength, will power and many virtuous quality. Its suppression is even more harmful. Only when it gets sublimated in the body, it is of immense benefits. Suppression of semen should not be done. Sublimation means converting one form to another means , when semen gets preserved , it gets stored in the body and start to flowing upwards . Its natural direction is to flow Downwards. But through some devotional , physical and spiritual practices , it can be directed towards the upwards direction. Some portion of it gets mixed with blood – gets sublimated, and it gives you the long life , health vitality and make your blood and body rich with precious elements and minerals, and other portion of it gets directed towards your mind, where it gets sublimated and converted into Ojas. Ojas increases the Charm on the face and gives you mental as well as spiritual benefits. This Ojas is responsible for getting the super powers like Thought Reading, Activating Sixth sense and much more.

So i request you my friends, please do not waste it just for Momentarily pleasures as its not worth it to waste mere for 2 minutes pleasure. Its like making the coal out of the Sandal wood.

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