Sun Gazing- A powerful healing Technique

sun gazing- the spiritual india

Hello friends!! Today’s article will be on Sun Gazing. You will come to know what is sun gazing ? how to do sun gazing? what are the benefits of Sun gazing? It might happen that you might be aware of this term or you might be totally new to this .

There was a movie in which it was shown that an alien eats sun rays and gets maximum energy to do miracles. The question is it practically possible?? Well !! the same kind of story was being heard in a book titled “autobiography of a yogi”. As per the book, there was a lady who don’t eat food rather, she only consumes sun energy. Basically, whatever we eat (carbohydrates or proteins or fibers) the conclusion of all is to get energy and again refilling those energy. Physical exercises, meditation, satvik food , brahmacharya are kinds of things which is used as a medium to get those energy. how about getting those energy directly from the Sun??? Sounds strange!!. Think for a while that plants use sun energy to manufacture foods. A technology has been introduced which converts solar energy to electricity. So there is something which we have forgot as how to use solar energy. I am sure that plants are no so much powerful then human beings. If plants can convert, then there might be a time where human beings were also capable of doing it .

Practically during ancient times, Sun was the highest source of energy. People were knowing the correct art of using the sun rays for their benefit. And I’m sure with this Sun, they were capable of keeping their body warm, even in winters without any winter wears. Today also, you will find some siddh sadhus, yogis doing the same in Himalayas and some specific places but the quantity of those yogis is still less or the technique is vanished or forgotten. Reasons can be many and basic reason as per Bhagvad Gita is the addictions of lust, anger and consumption of tamasik( fast foods, spicy non veg) foods. Once we have a control over this vikar’s , I am sure we can regain those.

This article will not help you 100% with the techniques of eating sun because still that technique is a mystery but Probably, I can guide you with some kriya’s where you can get maximum benefit and control over your mind and even your senses by Sun gazing .

Generally, people say that sun rays are harmful. To some extent it is true(If you gaze sun after it becomes completely bright), but the sun rays in early morning is extremely powerful and un-harmful. Sun gazing is actually an art or technique of looking at Sun in the early morning (just at the time of sunrise) with naked eyes. Early morning, the purity of Oxygen,combined with the rays of sun provides maximum energy to the planet. Did you remembered the slogan?Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. Now the question is with what technique we can look at the sun and what are the benefits we are going to get?

First of all we will know about the benefits of Sun gazing as per my practical experience :-

1)By sun gazing you can control your appetite.

2) You will feel healthy and peaceful the full day.

3) Free from disease

4) High positive energy.

5) Replacement of negative thoughts by positive vibrations.

6) Strong will power.

7) Quick healing of wounds.

8) Creative ideas.

9) Confident feeling and many more.

You can Google and even read about advantages or benefits people have gained by sun gazing. The above-mentioned advantages or benefits is what I gained as per my experience and practice.

To do sun gazing ,first of all you have to make up your mind that you are going to gain maximum power today by looking at sun.

Secondly, you have to wake up early in the morning just five or ten minutes before the sunrise and do a breathing exercise. Breathing exercise means inhaling maximum oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide with a force. Once you do this for maximum 5 to 6 times,you will notice that your breath will shorten and will flow in a slow and calm motion . As soon as the sunrises, just look at it simply and visualize that the rays of it is entering into your third eye (that is in the middle of your eyebrows). Then inhale oxygen and hold it for 10 secs, go on visualizing that the rays of Sun are entering into your mind in tiny golden particles. Once the sun rises, the color of it is red, then it converts to orange and then yellow . You have to gaze all three colors till 4 to 5 minutes.. Once it turns little bright, stop. You can also gaze the sun during its sunset with the same process but gazing it early morning is much powerful .

If you do it properly till 21 days, you will start gaining all those benefits as I have mentioned. So without wasting your time , start gazing sun from tomorrow.

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