Shaping Your Life to Create What You Want

As you might have observed all around you, people have always been obsessed with money and material gains. We as a society have given it the power to significantly affect one’s life, positively or negatively. But we don’t realize that it is not money that we really want. It is pleasantness and joy that we are really seeking.

The Chase

The reason we are obsessed with outside things is because we have structured our lifestyles and workflows in such a way that we cannot survive without gaining money and materials. But even after achieving those things, many people feel incomplete.

This is because they always focused on the outside world. They were trying to make it function according to their needs and aid their material conquest. But they never focused on the creation happening inside.

We think that the pre-determined path made by the society and going with their flow is the way to live properly and joyfully. This is a huge misconception. We never realized that our states of being come from within, whether joy or misery.

Go In!

Al Franken, a former United States Senator, once said “It’s easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world.” This is one of the pieces of wisdom that holds true for all times.

In our race for material and monetary gains, we always want the outside world to function our way so that our goals are accomplished. We try to change other people based on how we want them to be.

Some people try to change their families, some their workplaces, and some their towns and cities. The moment you change yourself, everyone will be affected by it. You won’t need to worry about every other individual.

Work on establishing yourself, and automatically the way you, your surroundings, and your life function will be enhanced.

The Consequence

When your life functions in a better way, slowly, you will feel that you are in-charge. The truth is, you always have been in-charge, but mostly unconsciously. When you try to change yourself and organize your energies the way want them to function, you are the controller of your life in a conscious way.

Anyways you are controlling it, but due to its unconscious nature you think it is pre-determined. Some people even use this phrase to hide their mistakes, because they think that the situations they are in have been forced upon them from outside.

The Responsibility

On the spiritual path, one of the things that people focus on is taking the responsibility of their lives in their own hands, consciously. They do not let the outside situations affect their life and behavior, and live like real emperors. Why? Because they aren’t slaves anymore the situations around them.

They aren’t begging other people for attention to listen to them and function their way. Such people are wild, and the society considers them dangerous to their functioning.

If you are on the path with sufficient determination and willingness, you are the creator of your life. No one else.

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