Practical ways to Follow Brahmacharya (Part-2)

Practical Ways To Follow Brahmacharya- the spiritual india

A Prayer To God

Oh God. O Lord of Lords. O Mountain of Mountains. O Divine in Divinity. Please give me power to establish in Brahmacharya. Please tell me the practical ways to follow Brahmacharya. Please give me pure thoughts, purity in mind, purity in body and a pure soul. Please free me from all the Temptations in the world. Please make me a Sampurna(Complete) Brahmachari.

What Is Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya is the Chastity and purity in Thoughts , words and deed. It is the preservation of your inner strength and power and using it for higher purposes in Spiritual Attainment. It is a journey of becoming a super human from a ordinary human being. It is the attainment of powers viz. physical strength, mental strength, overcoming fear, and overcoming weakness in your body mind and soul and attaining a harmony in life and thus becoming the Master of your own life. It is overcoming of negativity, slavery, slavery of your mind, slavery of your Indriya viz. Body and Slavery of your Karmas.

Beauty of Brahmacharya

Brahmacharya is like the fragrance in the flower, sweetness in the honey, softness in the air, flame in the Lamp. A man is no man without establishment in the Brahmacharya . It is overcoming lust. Establishment in the Brahmacharya brings out many virtuous qualities in you namely fortitude, courage , alacrity and seamless power within you. It is door to open the new ways of success and happiness that are lying dormant in you. It brings out the wisdom. It brings out the knowledge within you. It increases your Intellect. It is the way to attain Material Success. It is the ladder to Spiritual Heights. It is the fragrance of a man. It is the power of the Man.

Practical Ways To Follow Brahmacharya

Here are some practical ways that for sure will guide you to lead a life and establish in Brahmacharya

  1. First and foremost thing is to prevent sexual thoughts from entering your mind. Burn them before entering your mind. In the householders, sexual thoughts occupies half of their mind. In spiritual aspirants, it is occasional. In Sages and saints it is negligible. Thus preventing sexual thoughts to enter your mind is the key to obtain physical and mental Brahmacharya. How they can be prevented, are there any predefined methods? or any way to prevent sexual thoughts to enter into the mind? Answer is yes. Read in the next point.
  2. Japa, kirtana, meditation on Saint -Sages and God , Hearing Divine music, stop watching Cinema- TV are some ways to maintain mental Brahmacharya. This in turn helps in maintaining physical Brahmacharya. Now Question arises if there are some ways to obtain Physical Brahmacharya. Answer is yes . Read in the next point.
  3. Stop wasting your energy- seminal energy. Firstly stop wasting it intentionally . How this can be achieved? Answer is simple. Stop indulging in Masturbation and sexual activities first. Stop watching vulgar posters, movies , pornography and the modern age Cinema. All these are ways to Squeeze your energy. Thus stop wasting it. Keep your self busy in Other endeavors like pick up a hobby like playing music , sport or any other hobby of your choice. It will help you in obtaining Brahmacharya. A single sexual thought in the mind is the cause of Mental Masturbation . So stop wasting your energy now from this very moment.
  4. Hatha yoga to rescue: Asana and pranayama are a great deal in maintaining Brahmacharya. Asanas like Sarvangasana, Shirshasana – these two asanas are very powerful asanas that helps in preserving Semen and thus obtaining Brahmacharya. Other Asanas like Padagushtasana, Yog Mudra, Matsyasana are also very powerful.
  5. Pranayam like Anlom vilom, Bhastrika are very powerful practices if done properly. Practice of Kumbhaka(retention of breath), Puraka(inhalation) and Rechaka(exhalation) and some Kriyas are very powerful breathing exercises that are very helpful in obtaining Brahmacharya. Yogis use these powers (power of Brahmacharya and Yoga) to attain Siddhis and other spiritual Heights. But advance pranayama should always be learnt from a spiritual Teacher or Guru
  6. Diet is of great importance in Maintaining Brahmacharya. Satvik food should always be preferred in your daily diet. Foods like Onion and Garlic are like Meat and causes Loss of semen in the body. They should be avoided. Raw Foods like Apple, oranges, bananas, radish are comes under Stavik Foods category. Also Foods like Daliya, Khichdi, Roti (chapati) are also good Satvik Foods. Other foods like eggs, chillis , spices, Hot curries , sweat meets should be avoided as they causes loss of semen.
  7. Some Other Tips: You can take Luke warm milk at bed time, hot milk should be avoided. Ghee rice are good for Brahmacharis. You should take cold shower at night during summer. You should wear Loin cloth(Langot) at night. Avoid heat causing foods . Avoid sweet talks with girls, and girls should also avoid sweet talks with Boys.

So , above are some practical ways to follow Brahmacharya. Modern day /western name of Brahmacharya that is getting popular nowadays is Nofap . But Nofap is nothing but suppression of semen only. It is incomplete. While Brahmacharya is complete. It is Sublimation of your semen and energy not just suppression. Mind the difference between suppression and sublimation here. One who follows Brahamachraya starts attaining many powers like Mental Strength, Physical Strength, Pointed Concentration, Intellect power, Greater Immune power from the very first month of following the Brahmacharya. It is advisable to follow Strict Brahmacharya using the above methods mentioned for Atleast one month to see a considerable effect in yourself.

Householders should not do copulation too frequent, it is advisable to not do copulation earlier than a month as semen takes one month to form from food that you eat according to Ayurveda. So if you are doing copulation every month, it means you are at no profit and no loss. If you are doing copulation every two month, then you are saving your one month semen, so you can manage accordingly.

A new born baby , if somehow follows Strict Brahmacharya at-least till the age of 20 years , attains a great and sweet Voice, Very Large White Aura around Him, Great Mental Strength, Great Memory Power, Greater Intellect than those others around him , have greater impact of his words in his speech and many other strengths that can’t be imagined. He will be able to win over many situations in life very easily. So it is advisable for you to follow Brahmacharya, and distribute this information to your friends family and especially your children . Do not hesitate to share this thinking it something very personal, this should be freely distribute if you want others to be benefited from this information. This is the greatest Gift a child can have from his parents.

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