Mahabharata- reality or today’s generation end game

Mahabharata- the spiritual india

Lots of questions are being stucked in person’s mind. Did Mahabharata really happened or it’s a kind of myth or a live incident happening in today’s world?? Today’s article will make you stunned about the reality and logic of Mahabharata. The prime objective of this article to make you understand with some logic and concepts that Mahabharata didn’t happened rather, it is all about today’s world that is kalyugi war. (please note that we don’t wish to hamper/hurt anybody’s religious or spiritual sentiments with this article. It is just meant for education and knowledge purpose)

Let’s talk about 15th century or 17th century. The life of Mughal emperors and kings. If any king willing to capture any Kingdom, he has to set a war with the other Kingdom’s king. The person who wins gets the kingdom. The war was always with swords and other deadly weapons. The proof of the same can be seen in the museums all over India. In Hyderabad, Udaipur , Mysore and other states museums, we could find collections of those weapon of emperors. If Mahabharata would have occurred, there should be some existence of those deadly weapons in any states of India. Unfortunately, you could find no such proofs.

Kurukshetra“- A place well known for Gita gyan(knowledge) was founded in 19th century. Does 5000 years ago bhagwad gita declared that there is a place exsisted in the name of kurukshetra. Whereas “kshetra” means region. And “Kuru” has different meanings. Instead “kurukshetra” can be understood as “karmakshetra ” will make meaningful sense.

Usually during war, if a fighter says that he don’t want to fight because of several personal reasons, then what can the commander explain??. A process how to live life or techniques or motivation to stand and fight quickly? Will there will be so much patience and time for the opposition party to wait till the whole Geeta gyan finishes??

There was a scene where lord Krishna was taking rest . Duryodhan and Arjuna both came for some help with Lord Krishna. So when Krishna asked as what you people want with the commitment that he will not lift up any kind of weapons during the war? Arjuna asked for Krishna himself to help Pandavas and duryodhana thought of taking the whole crores of Narayani sena. please try to analyse the situation .Duryodhana took the whole Narayani sena and Pandava took Krishna himself who was the king of these Narayani sena. Is it practically possible that the king who is sitting in the war, will be attacked by his own soldiers during the war opposite to him.?? I am sure, a Narayani sena who is trained by Krishna will not throw any kind of weapon to his King himself. So no question of any war.

There were five Pandavas and hundred Kauravas. Five Pandavas had five names. While in kauravas, the hundred names are still not declared or still under no clarity. Generally, 3 names of these kauravas are popular and highly discussed viz Duryodhana, Dhritrashtra, Dushasan. Do you know that in Hindi, maximum negative words start with “du”. Dukh, Duvidha, Durupyog, durbhagya, Duryodhana ( person who utilizes money in a wrong way) , Dushasan (person who rule a country for only his benefit or a wrong cause).do you really feel that the parents of any son will name their person with “du”. ?? Dhritrashtra means a person who will be sitting blindly in a king’s seat and taking no action for the bad deeds happening near him.

Just think for a while, if Lord Krishna would suggest Pandavas to kill persons as a matter of resolving any problem or revenge,then terror attack would have been legal in the world. Then, Jesus Christ would have killed everyone who tried to hang him on the cross.

There was a scene where Lord Krishna went as a Shantidoot to explain kauravas not to go for huge battle. Rather, those Kauravas took Krishna’s statement lightly and challenged krishna not to explain logic. Are you able to hear the same statement by Lord Krishna again and again in today’s generation??. Anywhere ,somewhere someone tells to maintain simplicity, no fight, spread love or else be ready for the end and we are simply ignoring .

So what exactly Mahabharata is? one logic which strikes my mind is the five senses who are five Pandavas. 100 kind of negative thoughts which baffle our senses are the kauravas. Our soul is the lord Krishna. Those five senses always fight with those 100 negatives kauravas in success , in goal attainment or in any kind of decision making. Once you understand yourself as a body you lose the battle. Once you understand yourself as a soul, you get an energy to win a battle. It’s simple, once you keep God aside you lose, once you keep God with you you win.

If I use some other war logic as per the present situation, then kauravas will be those powerful countries who have a strong overconfident that they are powerful then God and can produce any deadly weapons in the form of missiles to destroy. Pandava’s will be those limited countries, who will also be powerful but will be dependent on God or a soul for taking any decision , they will have control on their 5 senses. Interestingly, the countries or person’s who will have a complete trust on shirmad will be able to face these deadly war.

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