Is Astrology Important?

You must have seen people around you getting obsessed with astrology, palmistry, getting their horoscopes studied, and whatnot. Whenever something new happens in their life, good or bad, they run to the astrologers to tell them the next courses of action. 

So why has astrology become such a huge part of our lives today? Is it really that important? Keep reading to find the answers.

What Exactly Is It?

Astrology essentially is the study of the movements, relative positions, and behaviors of the celestial bodies in the cosmos. They are studied for the influence they have on us and our daily lives. 

Everything in the universe exudes some energy, even human beings. So everything has an influence on the other things around it. The only thing that matters is how much you let yourself be influenced by these things. That makes the difference.

Why the Obsession?

People have been going crazy about astrology because they want people to predict their futures. And why do they want that? Because they cannot handle the uncertainty and suspense that life has. 

They want to know all the troubles and difficulties that they will have to face in the future so that they can be prepared for it. This is because they want a smooth and all-planned-out life. They cannot take risks or enjoy the unique adventures that life presents.

The Reality

The reality is, we think we can prepare for the troubles to come. Essentially we do not. 

After an astrological prediction, most people spend their days in the fear of that problem or difficulty which might not come until a week or a month. So they do not live their present to the fullest and suffer something which has not yet happened.

Suppose someone says you are going to die tomorrow anyway, most of you would spend the entire day today in either grief, worry, or fear of losing your close ones. Only a few handfuls of people decide to throttle up and live that day to the fullest. But they are a whole different kind of people.

What to Do?

Instead of always wondering what will happen in the future and when and ruining the fun of your life, focus on living the present fully. Explore your fullest potential and try to experience life what it really is.

If you go on the spiritual path, you decide to take your life into your hands. With sufficient mastery by going further down the path, you can take a good percentage of your destiny in your hands. This is what spirituality is all about: taking your life into your own hands.

This is also the reason why true astrologers do not predict the future of the people who are already on the spiritual path. Today it has become a commercial business, but that’s a different matter.

Why should some inanimate object high above you have the remote control of your life? It took millions of years to achieve such a phenomenal human system and consciousness for you. Use it to its fullest potential and take charge.

So astrology is only important if you refuse to use your potential to live your life and depend upon someone else to write your course of life on a piece of paper. If you use your potential and intelligence truly, you do not need anyone to tell you what will happen.

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