How to develop The Will Power

how to develop will power- the spiritual india

Awareness, overcoming obstacles, sufferings and doing things that are very unwilling to you develops the will power. Practices like bathing with cold water or standing in it in the chilling winter season or having sun bath in summer season, doing fasting, not speaking anything for a day or for half day, speaking the truth always- all these practices develop will power. Hear what others are saying patiently, do not complain about the surroundings, face the difficulties and believe in God. Face the difficulties one by one , every difficulty is an opportunity to develop your will and your power of endurance.

If you will stay in your comfort zone , in a comfort place you will not become strong.Start living in your own world. You will never get the ideal surroundings and ideal places anywhere in the world. Try to stay cool where you are. Yogic practices like meditation, attention and focusing help you tremendously developing your will power. This monkey mind should be controlled first in order to achieving heights in developing your will power. Human mind have 2000- 3000 different thoughts every hour. So it is first and foremost thing to be controlled . It can only be controlled by doing meditative practices.

If you can focus on anything i.e. shift your focus from one thing to another by mere willing , then you can say you have started developing the will power. The moment you desire , you should be able to shift your focus from one topic to another within seconds. You should make your mind follow you like an obedient dog. All these things are controlled by your subconscious mind.

Life is becoming very complicated nowadays that some people are not able to sleep . You should utilize your time to an extent that whenever you get chance like when travelling, tea break or other intervals in the day, you should be able to sleep even for 5 minutes and should wake up after that. That should be the level of your will power and concentration. Also keeping the mind fully occupied helps in developing the will power and eliminating the garbage thoughts . This is the way to develop a great personality. Wasting time in Chit -chat , television , gossiping , radio, cinema is not a good practice and should be eliminated from one’s daily routine completely. Keeping up the Brahmacharya is of great help in achieving your goals and developing will power. If you practice the mentioned practices for sometime you will see a great improvement in your life and will become a great world personality.

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