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Strange topic, isn’t it? How can a person be very sure as how the Kalyug will end.You would have heard by many astrologers, future advisors about how the Kalyug will end. This article is going to be more interesting and lively. We cannot assure that the points mentioned here will be hundred percent true, but you will not be able to deny about the realities which we are going to share. It will make you stunned and will put you in a deep thinking.

Coming directly to the point. Think of life in 70’s. People struggled for everything . Anyone, at that time, having a mobile phone was a crorepati. No WhatsApp ,No Facebook. The joy and happiness of meeting each other at any place was just like we are meeting a friend after one year. Strong relationship ,no war, no controversies, love everywhere. People gained their value’s of life or value of becoming a eligible person by struggling only. Gradually, they also thought of stabilizing themselves, so that their family and there kids can live comfortably. They also inculcated a thought that, the kind of struggle which they have done, their children should not do that level of work. We should design something by which they can live a happy and a comfortable life.

Gradually , with increase in time, facilities to make life more comfortable and easy started entering into market. Smartphones is in the first place. Online business, E-commerce started capturing the market slowly to make life easy. People who were not aware of technology ,now have become depended on it . Today’s generation is running fast and all are being slowly becoming depended on full technology.

Anything in excess is dangerous, similarly excess technology depended will also become dangerous . All countries will export import technology and they will try their best to showcase their technological talents . So the first cause of destruction of kalyug will be technological based. If one country will show their talent, the other country also has a cross reply to their talent . Small Countries will collaborate with other countries in this technological war. Unspecified hidden technological weapons will be used to destroy people and countries. Side effects of technology will be so much that their can be a burst in the whole universe and the whole solar planets will be out of their orbits. Those planets will throw their lasers in our earth. Gas leakage of those technology weapons will be common. The temperature of summer seasons is increasing day by day. A day will come when the temperature will go above 100 degree as our Ozone layer is also deteriorating. One Asteroid attack will kill lakhs of people .

As per bhagwad gita, nature and humans plays a vital role and they are co- related. In latter 70’s, humans were protecting nature and nature was protecting them. Resources were taken from nature and were given back to them. Gradually, to fulfill human needs and with the increase in population those natural resources were started to be utilized in maximum and protection to those became restricted or limited. Trees are being cut. Fruitful Lands are being used for chemical testing rather plantation . Underground digging to take out chemicals and many more. Our earth was completely green and full of natural resources. Imagine what will happen once these resources will limit or no resources will be their ???

The nature will not be able to control itself or protect humans from heavy winds , rainfall, volcanoes, earthquakes . Natural calamities will become common. Every month there will be warning of cyclones, earthquakes and volcanoes. There will be heavy rainfall till years and maximum places or countries will be submerged in water. Powerful solar waves will be observed to an extent of more than 100 degree. People will die in crores. Natural calamities will be the cause of destruction of kalyug.

As every person are coming in comfort zones, their eating habits also changed. Fast food items are consumed, only tasty food which will give taste to tongue will flourish. Natural Proteins, fibers , vitamins will be given less preference and they will be consumed as per doctors prescription only. If this continues, people will have low life span, say about 40 years or less. They will look aged in their 20’s. Their behavior will become equivalent to those of animals. They will become aggressive,wild and lazy. Struggling will be zero and robbery, gunda gardi will increase. Laziness will give rise to evil thoughts. Kaamvasna(lust) will increase to extent. Small under-aged girls will become pregnant. People will think that sex, drinking and non-veg food is the only reason of happiness and survival , brothers will become killers of their brothers. Cold war in relationship will be observed . Every person will challenge every person to loot their wealth. Brother will charge money for water from his own brother . So war of brotherhood , human with human war will also be a cause of kalyug.

So are you mentally and physically prepared to face this upcoming consequences? We have limited time with us . Protect the nature and nature will protect you . Destroy the nature and nature will destroy you . Eat natural vitamins, proteins and fibers and live a healthy wealthy life. Eat fast-foods, non- veg and live a devastating life. Believe in spirituality and construct yourself or believe in sexual thoughts and destroy yourself. Choice is yours .

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