Faith is the Most Powerful Driving Force of Your Destiny


Faith is the full assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of which, is not seen.”- Hebrews 11:1

We all have heard about trust and faith from everywhere around but to date, most of us have not really been able to comprehend its true meaning. However, if you are one those people who are battling a tough time and on the verge of losing hope, then we at ‘TheSpiritualIndia’ are here to help you look at the brighter side.

Do you know, what happens to your life when you hold onto faith in challenging times?

No worries remain

Indeed! You read that right. It all starts from an anxious mind. Whether you lose a job or a loving relationship, you tend to worry about the future. However, when you have immense faith in god, you know from inside that there is nothing to be worried about as because ‘he’ has a better plan for you. You simply do not know what best is in store for you. You only know that god knows the result and he will reward your faithfulness. Your higher self allows you to remain strong by leaving all your anxieties at one. When there is no worry, there is no fear, there are no complexities.

  • You become immovable

Whether you believe in Christianity, Buddhism, or Hinduism, faith is considered like a house built on rock. That means, when you have such solid faith in god, no storm can move you or break you. You hold onto faith and the strongest of storms can’t even touch you. A solid foundation of faith makes you an unshakable person in any scenario. Hurdles then appear too little to a person whose faith is powerful like a rock.

  • You experience miracles

Miracles only happen to those who believe. This is no joke. You have the entire universe inside of you. All you need to do is channelize your energy, vibrate higher by having unbreakable faith in what you wish from your life and you will see miracles taking place so magically. Put your energies into one direction and believe it will happen. You also call it, ‘the power of manifestation’ and it can only happen with immovable faith.

  • You feel divine power

God is divine and his power is immeasurable. When you sync your faith with god’s words, you tend to feel that same power inside of you. That power is known as god’s power. We all know that ‘prana sakti’ is the life force of a human being. When you have strong faith in your life force, you become a bank of positive energies. You feel protected, secure, happy and confident in all good and bad times.

When you have no worries, you feel secure, happy, confident, strong and brave, by just keeping faith in god, what else do you need? Think about it!

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