How Early Morning Sunlight Helps For Our Complete Enrichment

So far that we’ve known, our Mother Earth is the only planet in this universe to have all the vital resources of life to let it exist and grow. It makes us wonder with numerous puzzling questions when we think about these unique parts of Earth’s environment. Among them, Sun is the most extreme and boundless nourishing entity. Since the days, human beings were transforming towards higher order creatures, they realised Sun as the core source of energy. Seeing early morning sunlight gave them a precious unaccustomed feeling that later on was described as the ultimate stimulator of peace, joy, pleasure and strength – A Soul Charger.

The sight of early morning light falling on Earth from Sun is a natural waking call that many living creatures follow with their instinct. May be not searching to find any reasons like us, they greet the enriching morning sunlight. But, we’ve identified how we stay active, revitalised and stress-free when we come out to view the sunrise time. Early morning sunlight has those essential factors that can rejuvenate our mind and body. Now, its a busy modern world, where we’re mostly depending on artificial health supplements. We’ve lost many good old customs. If we study them and justify, we may have to rectify ourselves and bring back a few forgotten systems. Practice of morning sunlight healing is one such system that we should know for our healthy better life.

How We Explain The Enriching Morning Sunlight?

Once human civilization was established, people in every part of this world displayed devotion towards all those phenomena that were thought to be mightier than their own strength. Sun, one of the most revered Gods, was given chief importance in major ancient Indo-European, North American and parts of Asian civilizations. They believed sunlight power to be the basis of life. Through stone inscriptions and scriptures, it is found that Sun, in these places, was worshipped as the ultimate energy for life and healer of several bad diseases.

In our own land, India, according to Ayurveda, the most ancient medicine system, power of morning sunlight is explained to bear strength of killing germs, purify air and accelerate our body functions. Ideally, waking up before sunrise time is said to spiritually uplift our mind and body. Adding more to it, in ancient Vedic texts, description of sunrise time and holy river bathing is mentioned. They clearly infer about the germ killing power of the morning sunlight radiation and the procedure of draining it via the medium of river water.

People of Vedic era developed practice of chanting early morning Surya Mantras for mental purification and physical stability. Every Surya Mantra, given in these scriptures suggest the utmost power of morning sunlight that can even extend till immortality of human kind. Breathing exercises and Pranayams were performed in early morning sunlight to receive vital solar energy within the body cells.

Stimulating Sunlight Power For Our Body And Mind

Our body and mind essentially need nature’s resources to keep its perfect balance and composition. Modern days’ Science and therapies acknowledge the power of enriching morning sunlight to stimulate human body cells and circulations. Early morning light is considered to be the most fulfilling source of natural energy that can refresh us like anything. Various Sun Therapies are developed to recover from skin disorders, microbial diseases, muscular weaknesses and psychological problems.

According to Ayurveda, waking up early in sunrise time should be made a regular habit. For, it is the best time to perform breathing yoga, meditation and also for spiritual engagements in the early morning sunlight. These habits have long lasting advantages, such as, to cleanse our senses, make us optimistic, improve our confidence and gain strength.

If we talk about the psychological factors, sunrise time gives us option to stay quiet and feel ourselves. It helps to gather our lost potentialities and forget disturbances. A view of early morning light makes us focussed towards our goal and motivates towards our self understanding.

Thus, from the day of our origin, morning sunlight is this nature’s gift to supply us with endless energy of life.

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