Doing Good

Many of you today must be wondering why the good people in the world suffer the most, even though they are doing what people should be ideally doing. And even when they are suffering and hurt, others still encourage them to continue doing good deeds. What is it really about? Does doing good deeds really ensure a better life? Read ahead to find out.

The Mindset

Many of us have been brought up in an environment where people continuously encourage us to do good things and become good people in the future. Even when someone hurts us, our parents and elders usually tell us to show mercy and forgive them, forget the event, and continue being good.

This philosophy sure has irritated numerous people and they do not know why others keep asking them to focus on being good. And when they ask their elders the reason, they through some words from the scriptures in front of their children which they themselves do not know the meaning of.

The Stupidity

What people do not teach their children is that we need to be contemporary. We need to mold ourselves depending upon the needs of the situation. A person cannot always go on having the same mindset and course of action for every situation.

That does not mean being a good person is a bad thing. It only means that goodness is a virtue that we have, and we need to have the correct mindset to use it the right way.

In today’s times when everything is driven by money and materialism, and the entire approach to life is seen through the lens of profits and losses, most people (not all) care more about the end result than the way you achieve it.

This has led to an exploitative culture where people exploit the good individuals for their undue advantage. Furthermore, people who are always nice, kind, and helping, continue the same behavior no matter what the other person does to them.

Some people also think if the other person does unpleasant things to them and exploits their goodness, then he/she will pay for it in the afterlife. Their motto is “at least I will keep doing good things so that I get salvation in the end”.

The Consequence

Because of such philosophies, people waste their entire lives trying to create a good impression among those who won’t even remember them. They easily let themselves be exploited and later cry for the same. That is the stupidity that the so-called ‘good people’ carry with them.

One should of course have goodness inside him/her. But a person should also know when and how to use those gifts and when not to. If you keep being nice to people and helping them, they will develop a habit of hearing a ‘yes’ from you every time they approach you for their advantage.

You are a precious life. Do not let yourself be used like that in the name of goodness. Develop the right mindset and get rid of the stupidity that society has embedded inside you. Only then can you be on the path to improvement.

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