Does Vastu Impact Your Life?

Vastu shastra is one of the most popular subjects that people talk about today.  Whenever they buy a new house for themselves, or craft an office or workstation for their work, or create any other dedicated space for themselves, they make sure to align it with the Vastu.

So what exactly is this science and how does it affect someone? Keep reading ahead to find out.

Deciphering the Name

Vastu shastra deals with the traditional architectural systems of the country. It especially talks about laying in certain design plans and using geometry the right way to align the structure with nature.

If you look at all the ancient temples and other structures made in ancient times, you will see they have a marvelous sense of design and geometry in them. Even at a time when there was no technological comfort and possibility, the people constructed miraculous spaces.

The Influence

Sometimes, you might have noticed that when you go into a certain space, let’s say a house or a temple that may be built recently, you do not necessarily feel positive about it. No matter how beautiful or ornate the building looks, you have an unpleasant emotion towards it.

You might call that emotion a vibe, or a feeling, gut, whatever. This happens because the spaces you live in have a geometrical influence on your body and energies. At least some people can feel the changes happening in their bodies when they enter some places.

Why the recently built temples? Because today, for many people, temples have become commerce, not a place to enhance your life quality. So all they know is they have to create a visually appealing structure with walls, doors, windows, and a roof.

But the ancient temples and homes always focused on having a good geometry over the looks, color, texture, etc. Anyways they ended up making visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing buildings and spaces. But those were based on accurate geometric foundations to help you align with the cosmic geometry.

The Role of Yoga

Yoga has always been about this principle only. All the asanas and mudras that people do in the yogic path, especially those in hatha yoga, are specifically designed to establish a good geometric sense in your body and help you integrate yourself with nature.

It is not about physical fitness like many people think. That is a side-effect. The body-bending and everything come at certain angles to achieve geometric balance in the system. There are always specific ways of sitting, breathing, eating, etc. because they are the best ways for your body to do those tasks.

That is why Gurus have always been strict about following their instructions. Because if you change even the smallest of things in your body, then the practice you are doing will not help you. Worse, it will start having harmful impacts on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual systems which people misunderstand as a good spiritual experience.

So yoga aligns the geometry from within, and Vastu-designed spaces with perfect geometries help you align from the outside.

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