Corona Virus and Brahmacharya

corona virus- the spiritual india

Om Shanti! May God Protect Us All and Bless Us All With Almighty!!

Once a disciple of Socrates asked his Teacher: “kindly instruct me how many times a house-holder can have copulation (sex) with his legal wife”

Socrates Replied : Once In a Lifetime

Disciple Said: Lord, This is impossible, Please suggest an Easy path.

Socrates Replied: Okay Once a year is fine for a Householder

Disciple said Again: Its is very difficult, Please prescribe some easy way.

Socrates Replied: Okay , Once in a Month i recommend to householders.

Disciple Replied: It is impossible, please prescribe something easier.

Socrates Replied: Dig a grave, bring a covering sheet and coffin for yourself, now you can do it as many times as you like. This is my final advice.

Its been mentioned everywhere in Hindu Mythology that access of everything is bad, also Brahmacharya is the key to health , wealth and success. One who wastes his semen for pleasure is inviting death every time. God have created copulation for progeny purpose only. Its human who invented condoms and other contraceptives . God have not given us that naturally.

A person can even possess victory over death by following Brahmacharya and Penace. Hanuman , the Sacred God – do you know how he became so powerful, it was by his power of Brahmacharya. He didn’t let even a single sexual thought to enter his mind through the entire lifetime. The great emperor Prithviraj was very powerful and possesses a great strength. How did it became possible? It is by his secret of Brahmacharya.

Brahmacharya: Secret Of Health ,Longevity and Conquering over the greatest threat of the times CORONA VIRUS

Healthy diet, physical workout, swimming, cricket etc all brings the strength , good health and vitality. They are all the great ways to achieve good health. But Brahmacharya is the most important of all of them . It is the master key to open the doors of longetivity and good health and happiness. Preservation of semen and preventing lustful thoughts to enter into the mind are the two secrets of maintaining Brahmacharya, it will break up otherwise. Those who follow Brahmacharya fly in a different plane of their own. They do not need any drug to keep them high always and be in the present moment always. Even who has followed a little bit of brahmcharya, will win over many diseases very easily. For an ordinary person it will take very long to get recover from any illness, but for a Brahmachari, he will recover very fast. It is the secret of Immunity. I will even say , it itself is the immunity of the body. Brahmacharya is the most effective medicines which cures all the diseases and deterioration of body. It was the most favorite medicine of the Acharya Dhanvantri – The greates Ayurveda Acharya of the times.

It is Highest Dharma and highest Karma. It preserves your mental and physical strength and give you tremendous strength and power to conquer every battle of life and enough strength to deal with any obstacle. Celibacy and Brahmcharya are same thing for people . But celibacy is way different thing from Brahmcharya. Maintaining semen is the common aspect of both but maintaining mental hygiene , good thoughts and preventing lustful thoughts to enter your mind along with semen retention and sublimation is the Brahmacharya. Brahmachari will be least effected by this pandemic of the times called CoronaVirus. They have inner strength vitality, in numerous vigor in them . Every cell of our body Consist of the semen. This very thing is most important of all. Its manufacturing process is very complicated and it is the purest form of the fuel that gets produced in the body (how it produced, please follow this link).

Therefore , our recommendation for you to win over the battle with corona virus is:

  1. Maintain Physical Brahmacharya (Read here what is Brahmacharya and how it can be followed). Keeping up the mental Brahmcharya and following Yoga/Physical exercise/and Satvic food are all necessary in Maintaining the Physical Brahmacharya i.e. preservation of semen.
  2. Maintain Mental Brahmacharya (follow step 4 to keep up mental Brahmacharya).
  3. Have good Stavic food (out of rajsic, tamsic and stavic foods), as this food helps you in keeping physical and mental Brahmacharya.
  4. Fill mind with divine thoughts and replace all evil thoughts with Divine thoughts- Do Japa , Kirtana, Meditation, Hear Good Divine music to generate these kind of thoughts. It will help in keeping up the Brahmacharya and preventing lustful thoughts to enter into the mind.
  5. Do some Physical exercise, Pranayama(Breathing exercise- simple deep breathing for 15-20 minutes is enough) daily to rejuvenate the Body cells and keeping the good oxygen level in the body and brain nerves.
  6. Good to have some DECOCTION (Kadha) made from Giloy, Tulsi , Ginger and Black Pepper in water. (credits: Baba Ramdev)

At last we would recommend to you that, if you have not followed Brahmacharya yet, please try to follow it (all the six points mentioned above) at least for One month in the beginning, then try to Maintain it till the Corona ends or as long as you wants. Any point of time you are feeling low in life, you can follow Brahmacharya for one Month at least and you will see drastic changes in your life. If you will follow the above advice, surely, you and and your family will be unaffected by this Pandemic .

2 thoughts on “Corona Virus and Brahmacharya”

  1. Then one ought to become mindful, becomes yoga comes and move.”
    In accordance with tradition, it had been stated he Found the monks in Shaolin to make progress. So Batuo secluded himself in a cave for two decades, emerging with a solution (including Yoga) to the health issues of the Shaolin Monks and powerful practises to help their spiritual improvement.
    These practices turned into a set of Yogic exercises.

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