Can You Make The Spiritual Path Easier For You?

Many seekers have wondered about the difficulties that they have to face when they start on the spiritual path. Many of them have had to make numerous sacrifices as well to be able to reach a considerable level of growth. So why do such difficulties come? Is it possible to alleviate them? Keep reading further to find out.

The Difficulties

Most difficulties on the path arise from the limitations that we have created about ourselves. Over the years we have been influenced so significantly by the people around us that their mistakes seem like a normal way of living. Their majority gives us an excuse to validate our issues.

But the spiritual path is all about becoming more a spirit and getting rid of the temporary nonsense. Hence, people find it hard to commit themselves to the process. They consciously choose to be in the materialistic realm even though they know it is temporary.

All the lifestyle behaviors that have come due to our mingling with the society around us have hampered the well being of ourselves. Hence, progressing on the path becomes a huge issue.

The Other Cause

The other reason why people face issues on the path or while doing their practices properly is that they are not truly honest with themselves. They find it demeaning to admit their own problems honestly.

When they do not know the problem they face, they end up battling an invisible hurdle on the path. Sometimes, people know the issues they have with themselves but are just too lazy and unwilling to make the change.

They want marvelous experiential results without investing the needed commitment and dedication. Because of this, they are also not able to feel the subtle quality that spirituality has. They have become so obsessed with the lives that they have created that spirituality or doing any yogic practice became entertainment for them. 

What to Do?

The first thing is to realize that if you really want to make a change in your life, then no matter what happens, you will anyways find a way to reach the goal. To make the path easier, it is important that you do not view the practices as experiential entertainment and do them with regular dedication.

Secondly, be honest with yourself and face that you have a problem or a bad habit. Technically, almost all of us have a problem of being ignorant of who we are. That is the fundamental problem that people face.

But even the big or small issues that they have been hidden by them because they don’t have the courage to do so. If you don’t face the problems and limitations you have, you obviously won’t be able to transcend them. And spirituality never happens by accident.

Lastly, it is always best to follow a good master or a guru. Because they are experienced in the journey. They have probably made all the necessary mistakes to get the relevant wisdom. You do not have time to make all those mistakes yourself. They will guide you and show you the way.

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