Benefits of water fasting to burn Karma

Benefits Of Water Fasting To Burn Karma

Since ancient times in Hindu religion water fasting is used by our yogis , saints , Sadhgurus and monks in India as a mystic technique to go deep Spiritually for a path to mental and physical transcendence considering important benefit of water fasting can burn karma and help in progress of Individual In his / her path of spiritual journey.

Not only for spiritual progress and peace of mind , mental calmness and health wise but also to remove toxins from body as well it has benefit of reducing weight and remain young for many years by cutting down ageing process.

Nowadays as a trend western people do water fasting ,so, following them eastern and Asian people also do it though they do not know scientific and spiritual benefit of water fasting.

Now let’s see How to do water fasting with what precaution to be followed and for whom it is harmful if not done properly . And for how many days maximum it can be done.

  • Water fasting- by seeing Its benefit can be done by any adult . However It’s not recommended to minors and kids.
  • It should not be done by pregnant women , weak or anemic person.
  • While starting water fasting Firstly it can be done for limited hours 1 day i.e. 24 hours . As per capacity it can be increased gradually with alternate days.

First 1 to 3 days of water fasting may be person feel hungry or craving for food but with will power and indulging mind with other interesting activities like swimming, oil massage etc..such craving can be overcome. As per research after 3-4 days of water fasting person starts feeling energetic and peaceful as excess fats and sugar of body gradually absorbed and be utilized in the body and toxins starts getting removed from body day by day and no more toxins added by intake of food so body feels light , healthy and mind feels peaceful.

It may happen in starting that while water fasting person feels low on energy , then, individual can add aloe-vera juice , lemon water or coconut water for energy and minerals and also can have Cucumber or carrot beat juices . Water fasting burns out all extra sugar glucose levels of body and also fat can be reduced with water fasting if done for more than 3 days. As a fashion and to become zero figure with immediate effect and absorbing extra fat in less time with no surgery – this technique is used by many known actress.

However Person has to do it as per it’s own capacity. If without guidance person is doing water fasting then imbalance of vata and pitta may happen. Our Body is consist of Vata pitta and kapha . For Pitta body water fasting may be harmful if done more than 24 hours as it may increase pitta And may cause headache. But with alkaline water fasting ,it can be done for more than 24 hours . for any other normal individual 24 hours water fasting at regular periods of every month can be beneficial in many ways and specially to burn karma.

Jain and Muslims do water fasting as a part of religious rites rituals in their religion to burn past karma.
In month of Ramadan Muslims do water fasting during day time after sunrise to sunset while Jain’s do water fasting after sunset to Sunrise or some time total water fasting.

However in Ramadan , we see Muslims brothers and sisters take food after sunset, they eat after evening and also again in morning before sunrise so two meals taken in 24 hours in Ramadan fasting is actually no fasting for body in reality and does not help even in reducing weight.

Some beginners take One time meal and food in 24 hours which can be considered as half fasting and help in reducing weight as well as past karma.

Other notable benefit of water fasting are it helps to heal body from many diseases on its own and also heals chronic illness of kidney , liver, and other internal organs from infections . It is proven fact scientifically that our body has power to heal on its own but that mechanism works when we allow our body to work for it. Because most of time body mechanism is busy in Working on digesting food which we eat . So it is recommended that nearly more than 16 hours of day person should keep water fasting and not eat anything and remain on water fasting every day it will help to remove any chronic or other disease on its own by allowing healing mechanism of our body to work . In Ayurveda also, water fasting is most important remedy to cure as suggested in detoxing the body and healing the body . No doubt this water fasting technique of curing diseases can be used as one of useful remedy to curb infection of corona virus and other infections and gives wonder results in fast recovery .

Last but not the least benefit of water fasting is that it raises endurance level of person and increases control over sensory organs by doing such Tapa of water fasting apart form detoxing the body and reducing the weight.
Every one should periodically keep on practicing fasting on water at least for 24 hours every fortnight or month which will also be useful in increasing will power and control over body desires and craving of food. Apart it also helps in distress times or in natural calamities like In times of flood or earthquake or any such situation person can win over situation even if he does not get food for 24 hours or more if it keep regular practice of water fasting.

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