Being ready for life

You must have wondered why you encounter so many different challenges in your life. You must have also thought about why always things do not work out your way even after putting in so much effort.

This happens because of various external factors which are beyond our control. But the only thing that is in our control is our own lives. And it is vital that we are always ready to face and experience life the way it is. So how can you be always ready for life?

Be Oriented With the Process

One of the many things that create trouble in people’s lives is that they are result-oriented. This means they are only focused on the final outcome of something and are only doing it for that sake. Many people do it today.

Either for the sake of getting a degree at the end, or a job, or a paycheck, whatever, they are toiling day and night and doing something that they do not like, just for getting to the end. What happens next is they repeat the whole process till they retire.

People should choose what they really like and then the result does not become a major concern. If you don’t know what you like, at least find something that you are able to do joyfully and without much friction. Then the process becomes life itself and the result automatically happens. 

When this happens, experiencing life becomes easier as you can be fully involved in what you do. The process becomes a meditation in itself and opens new experiential doorways for you in the future. And in that case, it does not matter what the outside situations are or if they are going your way. You happen your way, and that’s what matters. 

The Comparison

Another issue that people today have created for themselves is that they keep comparing their workflow with others. And not just one, they compare themselves to many people at once. This has stemmed out of the result-oriented approach to life.

This leads to seeing that at the end, who gets what and how much. Thus, this increases unnecessary competition in life that distracts people from the very process of life experience. It is vital that you understand that every person has his/her own journey. 

What you don’t see is they have taken a lot of work from them. And you have your own journey. It is worthless and nonsensical to even think of a comparison, as everybody faces unique life situations.

If you want someone to compare yourself with, choose your past self. Set a benchmark to be better than who you were yesterday and try to improve in the areas you lack. Setting a goal after seeing an accomplished person is ok, but constantly comparing yourself to him/her is madness. 

By striving to become better than yourself, you will eventually be ready to experience life as it really is, and maybe even thank the creator later for all the unpleasantness that happens today.

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