Accepting Change

Accepting change is something that has not only been said by gurus and spiritual masters, but also by the common folk. You must have also heard many people say that life does not happen your way and it is sure to change. But why is it so hard for people to accept it?

Resisting Life

When we were children, we never really cared about how our life would unfold in the future. All we cared about was to be happy in the present and do what we wanted. We also had big dreams of exploring the world, traveling to beautiful places, meeting new people, etc.

Slowly as we grew up and started accumulating outside influences from our parents, relatives, friends, schools, and society, we started resorting to their ways. Just because everyone around us defined a certain path of life, we started planning our lives that way to win others’ approval.

And now we do not want any hindrance in the plan. We want it to go smoothly without any changes. This is where we start making unrealistic expectations from the outside world and fix our lives beforehand. Because of this, we resist change, and hence resist the wonderful possibilities and experiences that might have come our way.

Seeking Comfort

Because of the plans and goals people have sent along with the unrealistic expectations to have them fulfilled smoothly, they constantly seek a life full of comfort and zero risk. They do not want to step out and explore the magic that life is. But they want all the things to go according to their way.

Just think logically. Whoever or whatever caused this vast and marvelous creation must have had some big brains. The nature and the life energies around us also function on a completely different level of intelligence than us.

Our minds and logic are way too small and don’t even seem to exist in front of that of the creator. Don’t you think the plans that you make for life have a very limited view as compared to that of the creator? Don’t you think that by planning everything out beforehand you are excluding a vast amount of life experiences that were to come in your way?

Being Alive

By excluding life’s possibilities through resisting change, your true potential does not ever flower. Hence, you are never really fully alive. Unchanging comfort and long-lasting peace can only come to you in your grave. So don’t convert yourself into a walking and talking grave.

The yogic path focuses on inclusivity and experiencing life to the fullest instead of excluding its miraculous possibilities. It teaches you to not live with a long-term plan, but to experience the thrill, suspense, and adventure that this life is.

It is ok to set goals and have dreams, but when changes happen, it is better to mold yourself accordingly and keep working rather than resisting it and suffering. There are surely new experiences waiting for everyone. Only the willingness to accept and explore is needed.

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