5 Pandavas or a millionaire with pandav quality??

How to be a Millionaire

5 Pandavas Or A Millionaire With Pandav Quality??

I am sure you might be thinking as what the heading actually means. Does it signifies 5 Pandavas or a single millionaire with 5 pandava quality??

Have you ever thought for a while the significance of number 5 ?

We have 5 fingers. 5 senses. Pancha( 5 ) mahabhoot. 5 powerful natural powers( fire, air, water,earth, space). 5 pillars of Islam. The 5 things which every sikh person need to posses Kesh, Kangha, Kara, Kachera and Kirpan. 5 Pandavas. The 5s successful methodology of Japanese.

Probably, the main focus of discussion lies in connection with 5 Pandavas and millionaire. I am sure you would have heard the names of those popular Pandavas.

1) Yudhishthir

2) Bhim

3) Arjun



Lets check out the meaning of these names. Yudhishthir means yudh ( All kind of struggle) sthir ( Constant). A person who is neutral and constantly focused in any patterns of struggling situation . Neither he is super excited nor sad. A single word meaning for Yudhishthir can be patience. Person patient, calm in all situations is define as Yudhishthir.

It was said that Bhim has power of around hundred elephants. (Elephant is defined as the most powerful animal with heavy mass).Bhim possessed strong will power just like the power of hundred elephants to crush any kind of negative thoughts which strikes his mind. Single word meaning for Bhim can be will power.

The market is always flexible and change is permanent. Arjuna word came from a Sanskrit word “Arjan” which means to grasp ideas. It talks about updation and up-gradation of self as per recent trends. A person who is always keen to knowledge and ready to grasp all new patterns of learning. A single word meaning for Arjuna can be knowledge.

A man of principles may be defined as Nakul. Did you remembered the principle adopted by Shri Ramchandra? प्राण जाए पर वचन ना जाए. ( I would prefer death, if Iam unable to keep the value of my words). You could have seen some persons who go for regular jogging,the weather might be sunny or rainy or winter they follow the dedication principle of walking everyday. Single meaning of Nakul can be principles

Service to mankind is service to God this is what Sahadeva defines. Saha means ‘with’ and deva means ‘God’. Person who works similar to that of God for humanity, for mankind development may be defined as sahadeva. A single word meaning which defines sahadeva is mankind.

Now we are able to extract five significant meanings from this five names. Patience will power, knowledge, principles and mankind. The catch is a every successful Millionaire possess these five pandava qualities to run their enterprise or their businesses. Interestingly, you will notice that if any of these qualities are missing in a person then he cannot be in a pose of a millionaire.

Take for example, if you go on saying no, no, no, I cannot do it or it is not for me in each and every task given to you, you will automatically lose your willpower. Once you lose your will power, your knowledge level will decrease you will forget your principles and accordingly you will lose your patience.

Do you know why orkut.com got shut?? It was because of the third pandava quality, they were not able to update and upgrade themselves as per the recent trends or taste of the consumers. Facebook took the lead.

Jeff bezos, the founder of Amazon. He incurred a loss in Amazon. His willpower was so strong that he convinced his investors to invest more on it. He was truly confident and dedicated with his principle of Amazon that it will be successful one day in serving mankind.

There was a time when Reliance company was a king in mobile connections but due to some service issue they had to shut their 2G connection services. They patiently watched the market scenario for few months and came to a conclusion that the upcoming trends are all for internet data. They updated and upgraded their services to 4G and started pursuing sahadeva quality. Rest is history

Choice is yours either become a millionaire or live a normal life. In case you have any of these qualities missing in you, you can always adopt those qualities by doing kriya yoga meditation, physical exercises and reading lot of books. Its a simple method of sharpening mind ,body and soul.

Please also note that if one of your pandava quality is dedicatedly increasing, simultaneously it will increase the rest of those 4 qualities also.

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  1. Hanuman
    hanuman is a hindu god and divine vanara companion of the god Rama . hanuman is one central characters of the hindu epic Ramayana. he is an ardent devotee of rama and one of the chiranjivis.
    such as the epic mahabharata and various puranas.Bhakti movement saints such as samarth Ramdas have positioned Hanuman as asymbolof nationalism and resistance to persecution. He is viewed as the ideal combination of strength, heroic initiative and assertive excellence” and “loving emotional devotion to his personal god Rama” as Shakti and Bhakti. He symbolizes the human excellences of inner self control . faith and service to a cause hidden behind the first impressions of a being who looks like an ape-man vanara.

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