Which Ethical Elements Develop Global Progressive Ideas?

Ethical Globalization and Progressive Ideas

In so many ways, human communities differ in customs and outlook towards their improvement. The primary rule of human society from its primitive time gives maximum priority to the ideas originated within it. Yet, most of us have accepted the broadness of liberal thinking. With its influence, modern societies are accepting the sharing of progressive learning that reaches from outside. There, our vision tries to converge towards an apparent equality. That means, our global progressive ideas are merging together with the help of a common morality that we call Ethical Globalization.

Ethical globalization is an outcome of long transformation of traditional ethics into progressive morality. In my article, Finding A Link Of Our Progressive Philosophy With Ethical Principles, I’ve given a short account on its significant phases and introduction of 19th century progressivism. During the time of progressivism, morality of right and wrong was judged with the aid of logical reasoning rather than placing them on spiritual balance. This is the threshold of modern morality that advanced to attain higher objectives of individual, social, political and economic development. Now, let’s see how this ethical globalization becomes a structural element of our global progressive ideas.

Traditional Ethics Versus Modern Ethical Globalization

Human Society is formed and maintained with various regulations in which ethical values take an important role. Ethical guidelines are set to hold stability and decency of the society. Traditional Ethics are beginning ideas of morality that explained ‘right’ as the divine nearness to God and ‘wrong’ as terrifying sin. So, this theory directly connects individual or social conducts in terms of religious norms. Presence of God is inevitable when you are following traditional ethical values. That confines this theory within a single community or a specific region.

Since human free thinking is the key area of progressive philosophy objective, there, traditional ethics was bitterly questioned for these reasons:

  • It is restricted in religious beliefs
  • It created social discrimination
  • It interfered in political activities
  • It suppressed liberal ideas
  • It did not accept sharing of progressive learning
  • It did not help in economic growth
  • It developed irrational fear and superstition

Ethical concepts began to rapidly change, particularly in the European nations during the time of Industrial Revolution between 17th and 19th century. That time, theorists conducted deeper research on ethical values based on individual and social requirements to bring reforms in modern morality in society. Ethical views were becoming liberal with Secularist ideals in this period.

Max Weber’s Work Ethics was a major breakthrough of global economic progress that he theorised in 1904. This theory was developed based on Protestant social thinking that, as observed by Weber indicated towards an ambitious wealthy society based on capitalist objective. He noticed its reason to be the difference of Protestant thinking from that of Catholics.

Protestant community was fast developing with their hard work and economic planning for better lifestyle. They valued the prospects of individual benefits more differing from Catholics who gave more value to the community. Weber saw this difference as the ideal ground for progressive philosophy objective where economic development can be achieved through rational thinking and gaining knowledge. This work on ethical values in progressive ideas later helped in building Global Capitalist Market that prevailed in the modern world.

Ethical Globalization is the latest phase of modern morality in society. This is the principle where multiple communities are brought together under a single norm to ensure their human rights and privileges. This progressive morality is now so important because nations are approaching more towards one another for their economic and social convenience.

How Ethical Globalization Motivates Global Progressive Ideas?

The world today is more unified and allows better interconnectivity between separate nations, which has built the stage for Globalization to perform. As far as we’ve discussed, it is now evident that ethical values in progressive ideas have a close relation between one another to be frequently evaluated to fit into the progress chain.

Global progressive ideas are now reaching out towards every prosperous corner of the world for sharing of progressive learning. This needs modern morality in society to plan up an ethical globalization system. Our progressive philosophy objective has reached up to do multinational business, knowledge sharing, strong multi-ethnic social bonding and more. We are now part of a global community with a bigger space for our ethical enrichment.

A few of our ethical values are to be changed to make this new unified world a happy place for human existence:

  • Creating conducive environment for world communities
  • Building advanced and better work ethics
  • Ensuring social security, stability and healthy environment
  • Allowing smooth sharing of progressive learning
  • Making rational adjustment in social, religious and political platform
  • Incorporating liberal cross cultural communications

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